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Probiotic Gummies

Digestive and immune support is made easy with delicious up4® Probiotic Gummies*—the perks of a daily gummy designed with clean, safe and effective ingredients. What are you up4™?

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Made with Simple Goodness


gelatin free


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    no sugar coating

    natural flavors

    gluten free

A Unique Probiotic Blend

Fruit-Based Pectin

No gelatin in our gummies. All up4® Probiotics Gummies are non-GMO and vegan.


Berry Flavored

The easy and delicious way to support digestive and immune health.* Add a boost of wellness to your daily routine.

Natural Flavors

No Sugar Coating

With lower sugar than most gummies and no sugary coating on the outside, it’s a gummy you can feel good about.

No sugar coating

up4® Probiotics Gummies

Excellent source of Vitamin C.

Support your immune system with a vitamin C boost provided in up4® Probiotics Gummies.

Daily Value of vitamin C#
Excellent source for adults
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NEW up4® Probiotics Mind + Body Gummies

Support your digestive health and mental clarity with delicious gummies formulated with selectively chosen probiotic strains and French melon extract.*

French Melon Extract

Supports sharp mental performance, reduces everyday stress and improves sleep quality*

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Probiotics for Kids + Prebiotic Gummies

Support your little one’s wellness with a clean-ingredient probiotic gummy in a Berry Delicious flavor they’ll love.*

Daily Value of vitamin C#
Excellent source for kids
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I have been looking for a good probiotic and finding Up4 gummies was perfect. They have a great taste and texture. They are a soft gummies making them easy to chew. They have vitamin c and are made with natural flavors. As someone with digestive problems these really work well.”


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