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up4® Frequently Asked Questions

CFU stands for colony forming units, a commonly recognized unit of measure for probiotics. It’s the way to describe the number of live, active bacteria.

up4® Probiotics are designed with you in mind. Each strain of probiotics in up4® is selectively identified to uniquely support wellness goals. The benefits of each formula are prominently displayed on the box. The colony forming unit (CFU) count is also shown on the front panel of each package. Take our quiz and we’ll recommend the best up4® supplement for your lifestyle.

Most of the yogurt produced in the U.S. is not probiotic. Yogurt is made by adding specific types of bacteria used to produce a defined texture and flavor profile, rather than added for health benefits. While probiotic yogurts are available, they contain specific probiotic strains added during or after culturing the yogurt. Additionally, this process is not often standardized to deliver a consistent number of microorganisms. The amount of probiotic in these yogurts vary between brands and batches, making it difficult to estimate the number of probiotics in a serving. In all up4® probiotics the number of CFUs are guaranteed through the expiration date on the box and are shelf-stable.° In addition, when you take up4® probiotics, you avoid the additional sugar and calories you would consume with yogurt.

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