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Probiotics 101

Probiotics Your Health

March 8, 2018

You know what it’s like to have a gut feeling, but when it comes to probiotics that phrase has a more literal meaning. Within your body’s digestive system, there’s a complex, unique microbiome filled with bacteria and other beneficial microbes. A diverse, balanced and abundant microbiome has been shown to lead to an overall healthier you.*

Taking probiotics, which are live good bacteria, is a way of contributing to the balance of your microbiome to keep your gut, and you, feeling good.*
From factors like occasional stress to a Friday night out with friends, an active—and sometimes hectic—lifestyle can disrupt the balance of beneficial bacteria within our GI tract. Taking a probiotic supplement can help bring balance back to your digestive system, assisting with occasional digestive upset and the body’s natural defenses in the digestive tract, where over 70 percent of the immune system resides.* To support unique lifestyles and wellness goals, up4® has designed specialized probiotic solutions, with selectively chosen strains that work naturally with the body.*

By reintroducing the beneficial bacteria through probiotics, such as the ones found in up4®, we’re lending support to our digestive and immune systems to help keep us healthy and well, so that we can keep creating our unique stories.*